The Heart of Writing

Travis Hunter

Hello Reader,
When I published my first novel, The Hearts of Men, back in December 1999, I had no idea how the book would change my life. I went from working a boring job at a bank, to traveling to every state in the United States, 11 other countries, speaking at countless colleges and universities, and numerous jails, prisons and juvenile detention centers. Throughout my travels I was constantly asked, when was I going to write the sequel to Married, But Still Looking.

As an author, I serve at the pleasure of my readers. You asked for it and now I present to you, Married, But Not Really. I hope you’ll enjoy getting reacquainted with Genesis and Terri Styles. Their lives are filled with drama, sometimes hilarious and other times downright heartbreaking. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it..

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